Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser


  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Mix
    controls the mix of dry/wet signal
  • Resonance
    sets the amount of effected signal fed back into the effect (for a stronger effect)


Mad Professor

BJF design guitar phaser pedal

Hand-made in Finland premium quality phaser pedal.

  • Unlike most vintage phasers the Tiny Orange Phaser is especially tuned for electric guitar.
  • The tone is very musical and balanced thanks to carefully hand matched parts in the circuit.
  • With the three controls you can fine-tune the phaser effect to your taste:
    • Speed control sets the modulation speed and Resonance adjust the tone of the effect, making it sharper when increased.
    • The Mix control works in an unique way and at 12 o'clock it disables the phasing effect. If you turn the Mix control CCW (left) you will get a deep phasing effect. CW rotation (right) will adjust a lighter phasing effect. The Mix control is the key for setting phaser tone from mild into deep effect.
  • Speed range and amplitude of the internal oscillator are set to allow high phaser speeds without getting erratic.
  • You can find classic phasing sounds at about 12 o'clock Speed setting, the lower settings produce a nice floating “Vibe”-type of sound.
  • Like all Mad Professor pedals TOP is hand made in Finland using only premium components, to give years of trouble free operation with superb musical tone.


  • SPEED: controls the speed of modulation
  • RESONANCE: sets the resonance (tone) of the effect
  • MIX: no effect at 12 o'clock, CW and CWW settings controls the depth of two different phase tones

Electrical specifications

  • Supply voltage range: 8 to 10VDC
  • Current consumption at 9VDC: 26mA
  • Input inpedance: 500K Ohm's
  • Output impedance: 1K Ohm's
  • Complete bypass (true bypass)


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