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Mad Professor press release

Turenki, Finland, June 15th 2012 - Mad Professor Amplification is proud to release a new pedal that will be sold exclusively at Guitar Center stores and Musicians Friend.

The Golden Cello pedal offers guitar players one of the most sought after lead tones on the planet.

In this one small gold pedal is the much sought after million dollar tone. Sweet cello-like singing fat lead tone with the most luscious open ambient tape delay. The tone that you used to need: a great overdrive, a vintage tape delay and a loud vintage full-stack at full volume is now one foot stomp away!

Very easy to setup – just plug it into any (quality) clean amp and you get “The Tone!” you have been seeking at any volume level. This inspiring pedal will keep you playing and playing, you simply can’t stop!

Just four knobs for total output: Volume, Delay level, Tone and Drive. You simply cannot get a bad tone out of this pedal. This is a pedal that belongs on every pedalboard, in every gigbag and every studio.

Singing lead tone, with the classic Mad Professor dynamics and touch sensitivity.

Sold only in Guitar Center stores, but you can order from the Guitar Center or Musician's Friend websites and have it sent it to any corner of the world.

Mad Professor Golden Cello manual


  • Volume: adjusts the final output level of the effect.
  • Tone: controls mainly the treble, sound can be set from soft to sharp
  • Distortion: sets the sustain and distortion level, from light to saturated.
  • Delay: sets the level of build in delay.
  • Inside the pedal there are trimmers for delay repeat and delay length (two trimmers, that have to be in balance), and a trimmer for the volume into the delay part of the pedal.

Electrical specifications:

  • Current draw @ 9VDC: 43mA
  • Input Impedance: 70K Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 50k Ohms
  • Supply voltage: 9-12VDC

Power requirements:

  • 6F22 9V battery or 9V DC eliminator 2.1mm plug center negative and positive sleeve.




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