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Mercury Overdriver

The Mercury Overdriver was created for one purpose, and one purpose only – to serve up some of the most pleasing, punchy, and harmonically rich overdrive tones this side of the galaxy (embrace the cheesiness, there will be more).  With its straightforward Gain, Volume, and Tone controls, anything from a light touch of drive to heavy crunch can be dialed in with ease, with plenty of output volume to spare.

But the crowning achievement of the Mercury lies in its widely variable active EQ Focus knob, which allows the user to custom tailor the style and feel of overdrive produced.  Full clockwise emphasizes boosting the high frequencies and full counter clockwise will boost the low mids and lows.  Go from thick, massive grind to top-boosted chime and everything in-between at the twist of a knob!

Things get even more interesting when you crack open the Mercury to expose the two internal dip switches.  Find yourself needing just a bit more presence/high end?  No problem – simply slide the “High Cut” dip switch down to it’s off position to bring in added brightness.  Need a more distorted and saturated overdrive?  Slide the “Saturate” dip switch up to its on position, crank the gain, and get ready for overdrive that sizzles like the surface of the planet for which this pedal is named (told you to embrace it!).

Space references aside, all the above comes together to form an overdrive that is bold and unique yet extremely predictable and easy to dial in.  The Mercury Overdriver performs equally well stacked with other gain devices in your signal chain or running straight into a clean or dirty amp.

Controls Summary:

  • Focus: With the Focus knob at noon, expect a neutral, even overdrive, with just the right amount of emphasis applied to the low and high end frequencies of your signal - The most transparent overdrive tones will live here. Turning the knob clockwise from noon will apply more gain to high frequencies. Lower frequencies are still amplified but come through with less apparent distortion while remaining clear and punchy.  This is perfect for pushing a mildly overdriven amplifier into sweet, singing sustain without getting flubby. As the Focus knob is turned progressively more counter-clockwise from noon, more gain will be applied to the low mids and low frequencies. Crank the Focus knob full counter-clockwise to generate an incredibly thick, chewy and full-frequency overdrive with just the right amount of presence and bite.
  • Tone: A treble roll off control that adjusts the high frequency content post clipping.
  • Gain: Adjusts how overdriven/distorted the signal becomes.
  • Volume: Adjusts the output level.
  • Internal Dip “Saturate”: In the up position, adds increased saturation and texture to the overdrive (stock setting is down/off).  There will be a slight volume drop when the "Saturate" dip is in the on position - this is normal and can be compensated for by turning up the "Volume" control.
  • Internal Dip “High Cut”: In the up position, gently rolls off additional treble. Down will result in a brighter tone (stock setting is up/on).


  • Bypass: Mechanical True Bypass
  • Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
  • Output Impedance: ~1K Ohms
  • Current Consumption: 15mA max
  • Power Requirements: 9-18VDC 2.1mm Center Negative

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