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Flinthill Preamp – Custom Shop

Introducing the limited-run Custom Shop version of the Flinthill Preamp!  In addition to a swanky new powder blue and oxblood color scheme with creme knobs, this version also features a signal path full of vintage inspired, mojo-rific components which includes:

  • Vintage new old stock (NOS) metal can BC108 transistor
  • New production carbon comp resistors
  • Vishay axial lead film coupling capacitors
  • Sprague Atom axial lead bypass capacitor

Overall, the Custom Shop Flinthill breaks up a bit earlier than the standard edition Flinthill, features more output and higher available gain, and sounds a bit warmer and smoother at higher gain settings.  It’s like adding an extra gain stage to your tube amp.

The Flinthill Discrete Preamp is a multi-purpose tonal tool perfect for placing at the front of you signal chain as an always on tone enhancer or stacked elsewhere for adding just the right amount of drive and grit to push other pedals or your amp into overdrive. As it’s name implies, the Flinthill features an all-discrete signal path made up of JFET and bipolar silicon transistors, combining the best tonal qualities of each component in one pedal. 

Thanks to its high impedance JFET input buffer and Class A gain stage topology, the Flinthill easily pumps out a sparkly clean and robust boosted signal. There is plenty of output volume to spare, even with the gain control fully counter clockwise. At higher level settings, the Flinthill will yield a slightly warmer, pushed tone while still maintaining punch and clarity. Although the Flinthill can comfortably serve as a full-frequency dynamic clean boost, it’s far from a one trick pony. As the gain control is turned up, the Flinthill will take on a warmer, richer tone that adds increased sustain and touch sensitivity. Towards the end of the gain control’s rotation, the Flinthill will begin to naturally overdrive, offering up a pleasant amount of harmonics and just the right amount of compression and sag. There are no clipping diodes in the Flinthill to approximate overdrive - what you will hear is the natural, inherent overdrive and compression of a pushed, Class A discrete gain stage! 

The Flinthill also features a three-way brightness switch, allowing you to toggle between three levels of treble roll off if your setup requires some taming of the high end frequencies. With the Flinthill’s simple to use, set and forget control layout and wide range of full-frequency sounds, you just may never

want to turn it off!

Controls Summary:

  • LEVEL: Adjusts the output volume, capable of yielding clean to warm boosted tones.
  • GAIN: Increases or decreases the gain of the Class A gain stage, adding natural grit, compression and harmonics as it is turned clockwise. 
  • BRIGHTNESS: A three way toggle allowing different levels of high end/treble roll off. Center = no roll off, down = slight roll off, up = pronounced roll off.

Technical Details:

  • Bypass: Mechanical True Bypass
  • Input Impedance: 2.2M Ohms
  • Output Impedance: ~10K Ohms
  • Current Consumption: 15mA max
  • Power Requirements: 9-18VDC 2.1mm Center Negative
  • Hand-built one by one in California - USA

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