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Ad Astra Overdrive

The Ad Astra Overdrive is Mad Mojo Electronics’ answer to the need for an overdrive capable of generating extremely natural sounding and predictable overdriven tones, even with amplifiers that remain clean by design. After 2 years of development, the end result is an extremely foundational and smooth overdrive capable of seamlessly meshing with even the highest headroom amplifiers and sounding as if you added an overdrive channel you never had.

Preserving picking dynamics, touch sensitivity, and amp-like response remained a top priority throughout development. These highly sought-after characteristics have been fully realized thanks to a high-impedance, low-noise j-fet opamp input buffer, three carefully cascaded gain stages, and two distinct user-selectable clipping modes. With its five-knob interface and refined equalization, the Ad Astra is one of the most adjustable overdrives on the market. Dialing in tones that range from total transparent edge of breakup to in-your-face bark has never been easier. And if your amplifier already has great overdrive of its own but just needs some help getting there, the Ad Astra can be adjusted to function as a full bodied clean boost to give you that extra stacked, powerful edge.

The Ad Astra also features an isolated volume control with a fixed output impedance, preventing the next effect in your signal chain from interacting with the Ad Astra in a manner that would change its tone or response. Equally at home with single coil and humbucker-equipped instruments, the Ad Astra is sure to become a staple of your tone.

Controls Summary:

  • CHARACTER: Varies the predominant frequency response of the gain stages as well as the maximum gain available. Fully counterclockwise will yield lower gain, rounder, and more bass-focused tones while fully clockwise will yield higher gain, edgier and glassier tones with a more pronounced midrange.
  • DRIVE: Simultaneously adjusts the gain of the Ad Astra’s first and second gain stages.
  • BASS: Adjusts the amount of low frequency content that is allowed to pass into the overdrive circuit before clipping.
  • TREBLE: Adjusts the amount of treble content present in the signal after it has been overdriven.
  • VOLUME: Adjusts the output level of the Ad Astra.
  • 2 WAY TOGGLE: Left engages high headroom mosfet transistor clipping for extreme touch sensitivity - equally well suited for clean boosting and predictable, soft, edge of breakup tones. Right reconfigures the mosfets for lower headroom and adds in silicon diodes, allowing for edgier, meatier, and more compressed overdrive full of harmonics and overtones.

Technical Details:

  • Bypass: Mechanical True Bypass
  • Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 1K Ohms
  • Current Consumption: 15mA max
  • Power Requirements: 9-18VDC 2.1mm Center Negative 
  • Hand-built one by one in California - USA

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