Made-Rite! Effects


    Made-Rite! Effects is run by Dave Martinka in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

    Up until 2011, Domenick Panzarella was a development / creative design partner under the B Sharp Music name. He was integral to the final development and "user experience" design of the Malazadas and HVY-D, most notably.

    Timeline (by Dave Martinka)

    • 2005 - The Malazadas is born!
    • 2007 - The Grim Rimmer is introduced, almost qualifying us as having a *line* of pedals. 
    • 2008 - The Black box is introduced.
    • 2010 - The Made-Rite! name is conceived, the HVY-D is introduced, and a new method of prototyping allows extremely rapid transition from idea to audition-able pedal.
    • 2011 - Made-Rite! is thrown around subtly. :)
    • 2012 - Official Made-Rite! line is introduced, complete with fancy screened graphics, and five models to choose from.

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