Made By Mystery Six (S)witches germanium fuzz machine


Made By Mystery

SIX (S)WITCHES   All-rounder germanium fuzz machine/LFO/octave up & down.

This unit is our pride and joy! A fuzz like no other with the best hand selected AC-128 Germanium transistors available.

It feels as if a massive noise machine is at your feet ready to scream at any given moment.

Everything is possible here! Octaves (up and down), 8Bit sounds, slow stutter to ripping oscillation, ring modulation, massive gains, endless sustains, an incredible gate, a throaty buzz, acid corrosion, battery meltdown and much more...

This unit has a very high overall sound quality to it! It is a really serious fuzz machine for those in the know or those who want one badass fuzz on board. Be it with a guitar, a synthesizer or bass guitar.

We squeezed a low-frequency oscillator in there with a control knob sweeping from stutter slicer to octave up ring-modulation.
We also added an expression pedal output to allow dynamic rate changes with your foot while your hands are busy ripping.
Stomp on the left-hand switch and surprise them all by blasting out with screams of the evil witch that hides inside the dark castle! 
This great feature allows you to always have a second / parallel sound available at any giving moment.
Maxing out the oscillate button with certain gate or stab settings gives the most epic octave up that will etch your guitar strings with acid.
    "As blazing blue lightning hits the crimson sky they all wished to repent their sins"

Six (S)witches is highly recommended to guitar players, bass players & synthesizer Players who need a versatile fuzz machine to work with.
Everything from great low-end massiveness & Atari sounds, all the way to some sick high buzzing & screaming ring-modulation.  


  • Input: right hand jack.
  • Output: left hand jack.
  • Expression pedal output: Lower bottom jack. You can control the LFO rate of the unit when in oscillation mode. Plug an expression pedal into the expression pedal output jack, turn the oscillation knob all the way counter clockwise for full operation range and start ripping to different rates.

  • Right hand foot switch: Operate
  • Left hand foot switch: Oscillate
  • Lovely Knobs from left to right: Oscillation, Volume, Fuzz, Compression, Stability, Drain.
  • True bypass switching. Use 9V with standard negative center.

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