Made By Mystery Key Wee - Pocket Organ


Made By Mystery

KEY WEE   Pocket organ.

Yes it's finally out! Made by Mystery's pocket organ toy machine!
It’s a Pocket Synthesizer with 8 different steady notes depending on the pitch scale you set with the Pitch & tune knob.
The whole sound spectrum is at your hands ready to unleash at every possible location.
You can cary this little awesome thing in your pocket and plug it into a loudspeaker or an amplifier whenever you feel like it! It carries a 9V battery inside so you are not dependent on any external power source. Moreover, you can also create tunes on the road by plugging your headphones into the output jack through a mini-jack to stereo jack adapter.

Key Wee can create notes as high as a kite and as low as a submarine. If you press several buttons together you get new notes.
The lowest tone is registered when multiple buttons are simultaneously pressed together and can produce some serious sub-octave fun.
We had Key Wee in our mind for a long time! But how do you build a compact-sized, user-friendly and great sounding killer solo machine?
Well... one day it just clicked! So sonic Happiness for everyone from now on.

Key Wee is easy to use and easy to carry device.
You can cruise through the air with it in your hands. It will turn in any direction you please using the pitch/ tune knob.
It offers all the possible notes needed in the tonal sonic scale. The Pitch/Tune knob lets you bend in and out of notes making it more dynamic.
Key Wee handles other effects tremendously good. Plug a reverb for more room, a delay for continuity, a wah wah in order to create an awesome new ambience or gain devices for an atomic war.

The Unit:
  • Toggle switch:On off.
  • Output jack: Plug into any loudspeaker or amplifier or into other effects like reverb and such in between.
  • The LED: Blinking operation LED to make sure you know the unit is on.
  • The 8 Push buttons: offer 8 different steady notes.
  • The right-hand turning knob: Pitch/Tune knob allowing you to bend notes up or down the scale.
  • The left-hand turning knob: Volume of unit.

Use a standard 9Volt battery block.
Make sure you use a stereo mini-jack to stereo big jack adapter with two common stripes on the jack tip!


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