Made By Mystery Alpha-Dream Machine - Spring reverb


Made By Mystery

ALPHA-DREAM MACHINE - Spring reverb module

The Dream Machine is a spring reverb unit in a little stomp box. It sounds heavenly with a touch of sparkle and some sunny rays. 

Dream Machine offers a pure analog dry path with added modulation from the spring reverb module.

Carefully designed, it is totally identical to your bypass signal and one can really hear it!

Dream Machine is an extreme reverb machine with a lot of depth!

It is perfect for those who need a lush built-in spring rack inside a small enclosure.

Great for surf and post-rock players or anyone who needs a dreamy sparkle that washes over the guitar with a touch of modulated dwelling that could last forever.

With only three knobs it is very simple to adjust. Dream Machine is the exact opposite of a multi-type digital reverb unit!

Dream Machine can only do spring reverb but it sounds so analog so warm so magical that mountains of digital trash are rising everywhere. 

Dream Machine will over oscillate at maximum! So take care of these mighty spring & dream knobs!

  • Input jack: to the right. Output jack: to the left. 
  • Wet:  Just like a standard mix knob you can dial in the effect starting with your pure bypass signal to begin with.
  • Spring:  pushes in more dominance from the module. Turn clockwise for more spring action and longer reverb time.
  • Dream: This is the point where your room turns into a marble cathedral. Turn all the way clockwise for dreamy dreams.
  • Nevertheless, all knobs interact with each other so finding your perfect reverb is just a matter of time.

It takes 9V with a standard negative center and has true bypass switching.

Please use appropriate standard chargers with a low mA.

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