MadeByMike Salt Breaker



A Salty overdrive pedal with a whole whack-load of tweakability. Set the basic sound with the three trimpots inside the pedal, and then enjoy being able to sweep the tone control across it's entire range to produce a bunch of tasty tones. A sweet clean booster also, and very dynamic once things get dirty. Play light and witness the clean up or dig in and rock out.


  • Alpha pots
  • Neutrik jacks
  • True bypass via 3PDT switch
  • Boss style 2.1mm centre negative barrel type DC jack
  • Metal bezled LED(LED colours negotiable)
  • Controls - Gain, Volume, Tone.
  • Three trimpots internally set basic sound. (Bass, top left, mids top right, presence, bottom left)
  • 2-year guarantee

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