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This is the Dream Box, two of my most popular pedals in one Dual Drive box giving you bags of great guitar sounds at your feet. On the left side is my MadeByMike '78 IC Muff pedal (click link for details), my favorite Muff variant, capable of big fat rhythm guitars (dead on the Siamese Dream guitar tone, Corgan used an original IC Muff on the record), flutey lead guitar tones, overdrive and distortion sounds, truly a versatile and addictive pedal. On the right we have my modern interpretation of the MXR Distortion II pedal, the MadeByMike Dist2, a fully featured and very unique sounding distortion/overdrive pedal from yesteryear overlooked until recently, when it was revealed that this was the missing component in reproducing those Siamese Dream lead guitar tones by the man himself. Featuring Filter (treble content) and Resonance (bass and lower midrange thump and gain) controls in tandem with your more standard Drive and Volume, the Dist2 is capable of providing you with a wealth of textures including of course the searching incendiary lead tones from Siamese Dream when combined with the IC Muff side.

Both sides of the Dream Box are wired for true bypass, and can be used independently, or together. It's been a real labor of love re-engineering the Distortion II circuit to be used on a 9V pedalboard friendly supply, removing the electronic switching and shrinking it down, but I think it's been worth it. The moment I connected my Dist2 prototype into a pedal chain with one of my IC Muffs, I started grinning and I haven't stopped yet. Both these pedals just make you want to play Guitar.


  • Alpha pots
  • Neutrik jacks
  • True bypass via 3PDT switches
  • Boss style 2.1mm centre negative barrel type DC jack
  • Metal bezled LEDs (LED colours negotiable)
  • Dist2 Controls - Volume, Drive, Filter, Resonance
  • IC Muff Controls - Volume, Sustain, Tone, Bypass toggle
  • 2-year guarantee

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