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This pedal has been a labor of love. I've spent 5 months developing this pedal to get that "you bet your a$$" like guitar tone as a customer request. Do I need to say any more?

You have an On/Off foot switch that controls the master side and a Boost switch to go between 2 channels. The Green channel is cleaner but with the same gain. The Diode switch cuts a pair of diodes on and off to smooth the drive out or to make it hard.

This is apart of my Top Shelf line with a custom paint job of my liking... But it's not what it looks like. It's what it sounds like, and it sounds like Rock -N-Roll.


  • True-bypass
  • Switch Craft jacks
  • Custom Finished
  • Diode Clip Switch
  • 1 & 2 % metal film resistors

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