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The Shane Douglas Special Double Shot Overdrive is the most versatile pedal in my pedal line. I developed it especially for Shane Douglas. Shane is one of Nashville's best blues guitar players, and leads the band Shane and The Money Makers.

Shane wanted a pedal that was versatile and could be used in any musical situation that might come his way. He liked the Black Label Overdrive/Preamp and how it rounded his sound out with his other distortion unit, but wanted more. This is how I developed the Black Label Special Overdrive. Shane soon felt that he couldn't live without either pedal.

The Double Shot Overdrive features the Black Label Overdrive/Preamp and the Black Label Overdrive Special all in one gorgeous black box. The Preamp's side allows the player to achieve a warm hard clipping distortion that fattens the sound without sacrificing the amps distortion and tonal characteristics. While the Special's side offers a tone control and a smoother not so overdriven distortion that allows the picking attack to be more articulated. The two circuits are ran in series with the Special first in the signal chain.

The Double Shot allows Shane to use either the Preamp or the Special together or separately to get a combination of different tones and distortion settings.


  • 2 different Black Label Overdrives In one box
  • AC Jack can be used w/Boss PSA Type
  • 3PDT switches for True Bypass
  • Made In The USA!!!!
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