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The MACH Seagull/Clean Buffer is an active Clean Buffer/Booster with the high input impedance of a Tube amp (1 Meg ohm), so there is no loading of the signal from the Guitar, and it has a low output impedance meaning no loss of tone due to long cables or loading of the guitar signal by non “True Bypass” pedals that load the signal even when off (like some Vintage Muffs). Additionally the Clean Buffer provides up to 30dB of boost with Tube style Overdrive & has Bass & Treble controls giving 12dB of Boost and Cut to further refine your clean tone. Also, there is a Volume control for the clean signal.

When the Clean Buffer/Booster is Off, the Seagull effect used by David on Echoes switches On. The Seagull effect has it’s own Volume control so that the level of the effect can be matched to the normal Guitar level (i.e. it doesn’t blow your head off, Floyd fanatics using the original method with the reversed Wah pedal will know what I’m on about, also think about all the “stuff” you need to set up to do this the old way!

The pedal is ultra rugged in construction with a powder coated Die-cast Aluminum box. Only the highest quality Metal Film Resistors and Polyester Film Capacitors are used for low noise, accuracy & Tonal consistency. Of course it is fitted with an input for a 9V DC power supply.

How to use the Seagull Effect.

NOTE: The Seagull effect will only work like the sound effect on Echoes with a Fender Stratocaster style guitar fitted with Vintage style Pickups. If EMG’s or Other Active pickups or Active Modules are fitted to the guitar the seagull effect WILL NOT WORK. If you plug a different guitar with Vintage Pickups into the MACH Seagull/Clean Buffer the Seagull effect may not sound the same as the effect in Echoes.

  • Set up your amp & pedal board for a clean tone with quite a lot of Delay (about 300ms) & with quite a lot of feedback.

  • Set the MACH Seagull/Clean Buffer to ON - LED Lit & set the Seagull Volume to a moderate level say 12 o’clock.

  • Set the Strat volume at 10, the upper tone control at 10 and the lower tone control to 0.

  • Set the pickup selector to the fourth position (middle and bridge pickups).

  • Gradually turn the lower tone knob up towards 10. You should now hear the Seagull effect.

  • Adjust the pitch of the feedback by slowly turning up and down the lower tone knob. Somewhere between 3-2 the tone fades and by making a really slow fadeout you can achieve the “laughing” effect.

  • With Humbuckers, set the pickup selector to the middle position and use the bridge pickup tone knob to control the effect.

  • Use the Seagull Volume knob to adjust the level of the effect.

How to use the Clean Buffer:

Set the MACH Seagull/Clean Buffer to OFF - LED unlit. To get exactly the same signal as the guitar plugged directly into the amp set the Drive to 0 (fully anti-clockwise), Treble & Bass to 12 o’clock and the Level to fully clockwise. The only difference you will notice is that if you use a ridiculously long lead from the pedal to the amp it will make no difference to the Tone. You can for example set up your amp in the Studio at searing volume and play it from the control room without shredding your hearing:-)) Turning the Drive clockwise introduces Tube style overdrive. Try adjusting the Drive until slight Overdrive can just be heard then backing the gain off slightly to get the sweet spot with some mild compression, but essentially clean.

Use the Treble & Bass Controls to adjust the clean tone to taste. Fully anti-clockwise on both of these controls applies a -12dB Cut. Fully Clockwise on both of these controls applies a +12dB Boost. The 12 o’clock position on both controls is flat response. Use the Volume Control to adjust the Volume of the Clean Guitar signal.

The Clean Buffer can also be used as an active DI for Bass etc as it has a 1 Meg Ohm input impedance and a low output impedance with an output level just under +4dBm, making it ideal also as a preamp for professional Computer Audio Interfaces. Additionally the Tube style overdrive can be used as a soft knee Limiter for signals with high transients such as Percussion, & there’s also the Analog EQ.


  • Handwired, 100% Analog pedal

  • A Dual Effect Series pedal. Two effects in one pedal.

  • Seagull Volume Control.

  • Clean Boost Drive Control with 30dB of Gain & soft clipping Tube Emulating Overdrive.

  • Clean Boost Treble Control with +/- 12dB of Boost & Cut.

  • Clean Boost Bass Control with +/- 12dB of Boost & Cut.

  • Clean Boost Volume Control.

  • Quality 3PDT Foot-switch.

  • Input Impedance in Clean Boost mode = 1 Meg Ohm, the same as a Tube Amp.

  • Blue LED

  • 122mm W x 51mm D x 94mm H

  • Weight = 400g

  • Die-cast Aluminum Box Powder Coated in Blue.

  • Quality 6.5mm Input & Output Jacks

  • DC adapter socket. The size of the connector is M2.1/5.5 with negative (-VE) tip and positive (+VE) barrel. The adapter should be fully regulated 9V adapter rated at 20mA. We recommend the use of the BOSS PSA series adapters (PSA-100/110/220 or 240 depending on your local AC supply voltage). MACH cannot accept any liability for damage caused by the use of, or to, any other type of AC/DC adapter

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