LunaStone Big Fella - True Overdrive



The Big Fella has tone that will fill the room! It's massive smooth overdrive has such a fat yet firm low end, that it needs two seats at the cinema. The Big Fella is all about sustain and power, yet it still retains it's attitude. The very transparent voice of the Big Fella does that it blends smoothly with the sound of the guitar amplifier when crancked up and lets the "personality" of the guitar through adding aggresive and bluesy attitude. The Big Fella achieves its fat responsive tube-like overdrive without the common use of diodes, but purely from cascading gain stages much like in a real tube amp, and therefore it is classified as a True Overdrive.


The Big Fella is designed to give you a full bodied overdrive, with a thick rawness at higher gain settings. It has such a massive punch, that it can make a small amp sound like a stack blasting at full power. The transparency of the Big Fella keeps the character of your guitar intact at lower gain settings and produces a beautiful crunchy jangle. The pedal cleans up pleasantly when you back off on your guitars volume knob as well.

The Big Fella is a 2-in-1 overdrive with an independent boost positioned after the drive side of the pedal.Tis allows for an increase in volume when soloing either with clean or overdriven sound. The tone knob gives you control over the high and mid frequencies of the signal on the overdrive side of The Big Fella. True bypass switching makes sure that your tone stays intact when the The Big Fella is turned off.

  • +15 decibel independent boost
  • Fat and punchy overdrive with loads of sustain and gain
  • A wide range of gain settings available; from mild rhythm crunch to soaring leads
  • Truckloads of sustain
  • Quality components
  • True bypass switching
  • Top mounted jacks and DC-plug saves space on your pedal board


  • Chassis dimensions (W/D/H): 119mm X 93.5mm X 34mm (4.7" x 3.7" x 1.3")
  • Weight: 358 g. (12.6 oz) (w/o battery)
  • Neutrik jacks.
  • True bypass switching
  • Battery type: 9V
  • Adaptor type (not included): Standard 9V DC (center negative)
  • Power consumption: 9VDC/12mA



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