LunaStone Three Stage Rocket - Søren Andersen Signature Overdrive



The newest member of the Lunastone Family is a collaboration between Lunastone and Danish guitarist Søren Andersen. The effect is built around the Lunastone True Overdrive - Big Fella circuit, but has a bigger interface for a higher amount of control. 

  • The Drive switch (far-most to the right) switches the overdrive circuit in and out. 
  • The second switch Od2 / Od1 (in the middle), switches between the Od2, and the slightly lower gained Od1 suitable for a classic rhythm/lead combination with separate gain knobs for the two stages. 
  • The Boost switch (far-most to the left) controls the +15dB boost circuit, which can be used independently, or in combination with the drive circuit. 
  • The toggle switch in the boost section, reverses the order of the boost and drive circuit. 
As the name insinuates, the Three Stage Rocket gives the feeling of having three pedals in one, and is therefore both suitable as part of the bigger guitar rigs or with small jam sessions, where you only want to carry one pedal in your gig bag.

The Three Stage Rocket is expected around the 16'th of November (2015), but available for pre-orders.

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