LunaKraft Black Fuzz Box


LunaKraft introduces a new fuzz box with interchangeable sound cartridges for guitar and bass.

The Black Fuzz Box is a hand crafted distortion/fuzz effects box that allows the user to instantly change the type of distortion or fuzz produced by changing cartridges that plug into the back of the unit.

Switch between soft clipping distortion to hard clipping fuzz or tube sounding overdrive by plugging in different cartridges. Each cartridge changes the circuitry of the effects box, not just the tonal quality. The Black Fuzz Box can also be used as a clean booster when there's no cartridge plugged in.  It's like having several different effects boxes in one unit.

The Black Fuzz Box includes two cartridges, a hard clipping fuzz cartridge and a tube sounding overdrive cartridge.

Controls include true bypass switching, volume and level controls and a standard 9 Volt power adapter jack. The unit can be powered by a 9 Volt battery or a standard 9 Volt power adapter.

Lunakraft offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner against failure in materials or workmanship, where items will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the original owner.           

Including two cartridges and free shipping in the continental US the Black Fuzz Box is being offered at $129.00

LunaKraft designs and builds unique hand crafted musical instruments, experimental synthesizers and effects units in a small workshop on Long Island, NY. Owner, Anthony Amendolare, has been building hand crafted instruments, effects,  guitar pickups and experimental electronic instruments since 1997.

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