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The base circuit for the Voxy Lady by Lumpy's Tone Shop is the 2 transistor Italian Vox Tone Bender. I've made some refinements which include an internal trimpot to fine tune the bias and the biggest change, a tone knob which provides a broad range of fuzz tones from the bassy, wooly tones of a Fuzz Face to the bright cutting tones of a stock Vox Tone Bender and anything in between. You'll get shades of The Beatles, The Doors, Beck and Page era Yardbirds, Hendrix, early Zep and many more.


  • True bpyass switching with on/off LED
  • Top mounted in/out (Switchcraft) and 9V jacks
  • Gray hammertone powder coated enclosure with the Voxy Lady graphics
  • NOS AC125 and Mullard OC81M transistor
  • Philips, WIMA, and BC/Vishay capacitors
  • Internal trimpot to fine tune bias
  • Shielded wire is used where needed to keep noise levels low
  • Davies style knobs

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