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Lumpy's Tone Shop about the Tone Bender MkII with bias knob

This one uses three Mullard OC81M transistors the "M" standing for miniature. It's perfect for those early Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck tones. It works well with the guitar's volume knob, cleans up good at lower settings and at higher settings cleans up into various shades of overdrive/distortion and fuzz. The pedal also features a bias knob (the middle knob) which will allow you to adjust the pedal for varying tempertures.


  • True bypass switching with on/off LED (blue)
  • The aluminum enclosure is polished with Zep themed graphics and Marshall style knobs
  • NOS Mullard/Philips Mustard caps and BC Components electrolytics
  • NOS Mullard OC81M transistors tested for gain and leakage to ensure the best match
  • Shielded wire is used to keep the noise levels low
  • Open style Switchcraft jacks
  • External bias knob

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