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The SLPre is the successor to my previous boost of the same concept, the '73 Boost. The SLPre is a treble boost based on the high treble input of a 60's Super Lead. The simple circuit design tightens the low end while adding an upper midrange/treble boost and retaining dynamics and sparkle when backing off you guitar's volume. Get rid of that flub on a Les Paul neck pickup or add some more clarity to a dull clean tone.

Features and Specs:

  • The boost control provides up to +14dB of boost from the single JFET design, plenty for taking an amp on the edge of breakup into overdrive. 
  • As always, quality electronic components are used include WIMA, BC Component capacitors, Switchcraft jacks and true bypass switching
  • The SLPre can run up to 18 volts for more headroom with hotter pickups and an overall larger sound.
  • Built in a compact Hammond 1590A enclosure finished in a color of your choice.

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