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The Lemon Drop is an overdrive and boost that is a stripped down version of a failed to launch project of mine called the Led Bender ZII. That project originally was intended to replicate the Vox 7 and 4 Series amplifier, most commonly associated with The Beatles and to a lesser extent Jimmy Page and some tracks (most notable Whole Lotta Love) from the second Zep album. Some issues arose with the project, mainly it being very amp choosy, and it was put on the back burner. Recently, I revisited the project and decided to strip it down to the bare essentials leaving you with a unique overdrive and boost pedal. The overdriven tones have a distinct mild fuzz quality to them. I can't promise you'll magically sound like The Beatles or Zeppelin by simply turning the pedal on, but I can promise it'll be one of the most unique sounding pedals you'll play.

The Vox 7 series amp was a hybrid amp using a solid preamp and a tube driver and power section. The Lemon Drop uses pseudo hybrid setup consisting of a bipolar silicon transistor for the first stage which adds the distinct bite and growl. That pushes a jfet transistor into clipping adding some warmth and sustain to the tone. The overdriven tones are distinct with a mild fuzzy quality to them.

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