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The Jelly Roll is a low to medium gain overdrive pedal modeled after a hot rodded Supro amp I once owned, it was single ended and used a 6973 power tube. A previous owner of that amp had made a small modification in the preamp to bump the gain up some which made it into a nice little tone monster capable of everything from blues to classic rock tones. The Jelly Roll is that amp reworked for use as a guitar pedal using the tube to FET process, which results in an amp like feel and tone from the pedal.

The controls are basic and easy to use:

  • The volume control sets the overall output volume of the pedal, unity gain is around 11 o' clock and it only gets louder from there, a lot louder, so the pedal can be used as a boost if wanted. It can even be used as a preamp. For more output volume the pedal can be ran at 18V.

  • The drive control is what would be the volume control on the actual amp. On the pedal it will take you from almost clean depending on your pickups to a harmonically rich overdriven rock tone full of dynamics. It will respond very well to your picking dynamics and guitar's volume and tone controls. For more headroom the pedal can be ran at 18V.

  • The tone control is a simple but effective high cut filter, same one found on the amp. Turn it down and you'll decrease the high end content, turn it up and it gets brighter.

The circuitry is built on a stripboard and consists of high quality Philips and BC Component capacitors. Everything is carefully fitted in a small 1290 sized enclsoure that is powder coated in a pearl orange. Custom colors can be done, prices vary for custom colors.

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