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The Brilliance Boost is booster geared to obtain the presence and chime of the "Brilliance" or "Top Boost" channel of a particular legendary British amp.  The designed uses pair of JFETs designed around the first stages of the preamp that provide an amp like feel and response.  The Brilliance Boost can be defined as a treble boost, but it offers a different feel and sonic vibe than a classic treble booster.  Often boost pedals are just used hit an amp or another stompbox harder for more dirt, but the Brilliance Boost works equally well into a clean amp for adding that classic jangle of the British Invasion or to push an amp on the edge into a creamy treble detailed overdrive.

Features and Specifications

The Brilliance Boost has three external controls for output level, tone and gain/drive.

  • The level controls the overall output volume.  Unity gain is around 11 o' clock.  From there it starts boosting, up to 18dB.
  • The cut control shapes the high end frequencies.  It functions like the cut control on the amplifier it's modeled after, so at it's minimum it's the brightest.  Turning it up will start to cut the treble frequencies, gradually without muffling your sound.
  • The gain control goes from clean to a light on the edge of breakup tone.

For a little extra volume, headroom and presence you can run the Brilliance Boost up to 18 volts.

The Brilliance Boost is loaded with quality components including WIMA and Philips/BC Compnents capacitors, Switchcraft jacks.  The enclosure powder coated in a color of your choice.

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