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Lumpy's Tone Shop

The '73 Drive is a unique take on the classic "Marshall In A Box" stye stompbox. Using elements of a late 60's Marshall the '73 Drive will get you that classic Plexi crunch and then some.

Instead of a typical single tone control the '73 Drive uses a three position rotary switch that varies a filter nextwork in the preamp of a 60's Marshall.

  • In the '67 setting the tone is full, thick and fat, it's reminiscent of a JTM45. It's great for fattening up a Strat or Tele.

  • The '69 setting is more akin to a late 60's Super Lead. It's tighter and more mid focused that the '67 setting. 70's rock tones are no problem.

  • The ZoSo setting is geared toward Page's 1973 or "TSRTS" tone. It's the brightest of all 3 settings with a hit of midrange quack.

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