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Lumpy's Tone Shop about v1

So what is it?

About a year ago I was asked to do a mod on a Marshall Super Lead which turned out to be a mod supposedly done to Page's main Marshall circa mid to late '72. It's fairly simple, but shapes the tone quite dramatically. The result was tighter bass, lotta mids, and it stayed bright but doesn't get ice picky or harsh at high volumes. Recently I was in the Page tone mood so I decided to adapt the mod for stompbox use, the result is the '73 Boost.

What's it do then?

In addition to about 12dB of boost it adds some of that '73 Page vibe... tight bass, mid focused, bright but not harsh top end and that slight honky/quacky tone he'd get. Sort of like a treble/mid booster to sum it up really. It's very dynamic and responds incredibly well to your guitar's volume and tone controls. Works best into an amp on the edge of breakup or an already overdriven amp.

The name?

Zep's '73 US tour is my favorite and contains in my opinion some of the most interesting guitar tones and playing.

Lumpy's Tone Shop about v2

The '73 Boost is a treble and mid range booster derived from the preamp of a late 60's Marshall Super Lead and a small preamp modification that was reportedly made to Jimmy Page's main Marshall around mid to late 1972. The mod was a simple capacitor change in a filter network, it simply boosted the upper mid range and treble frequencies further. While the pedal is obviously Zep themed, you can cover many other tones with it. The pedal is more complex and dynamic sounding than a typical treble booster design and responds very well to your guitar's volume and tone controls.

Specs and Controls

The '73 Boost has two controls, boost and a mini toggle switch. The boost knob controls the amount of output, up to 12dB which is more than enough to push an amp on the edge of overdrive further in saturation. The mini toggle switch will engage or disengage the modification that was reportedly made to Page's amp - it will cut the low end slightly and boost the upper mid and treble frequencies more when set to the "73" setting. For more output and a bigger sound the pedal can be ran at 18 volts.

The electrical and electromechanical parts are the usual suspects, consisting of NOS Mullard Mustard and Tropical Fish caps, BC Components electrolytics, Neutrik jacks, all the good stuff! All that is fitted in a small 1290 sized enclosure which is powder coated in "tangerine copper burst". Custom colors can be done at an extra cost.

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