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Ever wanted a "parked wah" that could fit into the palm of your hand? What about one that could go from "parked" to "light sensor"? Well, either way, Luck Duck Pedals has come up with one! In "park'd" mode, the Wee Wah acts as a fixed wah, that you can set to your liking to boost certain frequencies for leads/solos, etc. What makes the Wee Wah really stand apart though, is the "sens" mode. In this mode, the Wee Wah uses an external light sensor that, depending on how much light is hitting it, will control the wah sweep, and features a "sensitivity" knob to control how sensitive it is to the light. In other words, you can use your foot just like a wah motion, or your hands to block/let through light; which makes for loads of experimental fun!

Other features:

  • unique hand-painted artwork... no 2 pedals are quite alike!
  • Hand built, numbered and signed by the builder
  • Hand painted, with an automotive powder coat for protection
  • True bypass switching
  • High visibility indicator Blue LED
  • High quality alpha potentiometers w/ dust covers (to protect internally) for controls
  • 1% audiophile metal film resistors in most locations
  • high quality jacks
  • uses polyester box film audiophile capacitors, and high quality electrolytics for larger value capacitors.  
  • 9v operation (using any industry standard 9vdc, center negative "boss style" power adapter.)
  • uses a unique light sensing circuit that senses the motion of your hand or foot to trigger the sweep of the wah sound!

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