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Luck Duck Pedals is proud to present its first wah pedal, fittingly named the "Wah"ddle- This classic wah effect has some noteworthy features. First, the Woh/Wah switch for the two distinct sweeps. This allows you to switch between the classic "wah" sound or a deeper "woh" sound. The "Wah"ddle also has an internal bass/gain control that gives you the ability to set the overall bass/gain of the pedal. This is useful for tweaking it to your specific taste/rig/guitar. It's also the difference between the classic Vox V847 Wah and a vintage Dunlop Crybaby Wah... so in other words, depending on how you set it, you can achieve either of these classic wah effects- or anywhere in between. An additional output buffer circuit can be added to make it "play nicer" with fuzz pedals that come after your wah.

The wah circuit has also been tweaked to give you more volume and more of a vocal-like sweep and features a hand-wound "Soul Halo" inductor for an overall warm, vintage feel. Than, the stomp-switch itself: The height has been carefully adjusted so you get the full sweep of the wah treadle while making it easier to switch on and off than a typical wah. The switch is a high quality, Carlin brand, true bypass switch, and unlike most other wah effects, your signal remains un-altered when the pedal is off. The Potentiometer (or pot for short) is a super high quality, durable one, that has a perfect range for wah pedals and it also has a dust cover to protect from dust, dirt, beer, ect. The "Wah"ddle even has its own metal name-plate on the front, making it even cooler ;)

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