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The fuzz face has been used countless times since the 60's and is known for it's great fuzz sound and harmonic content. This classic effect pedal is renowned for it's use by players like, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, and Eric Johnson...

The "Silly Duck Fuzz", is Luck Duck Pedals tribute to the classic fuzz, but with added features and control. The "Silly Duck Fuzz" uses select types of silicon transistors for there "germanium like" gain qualities, and the circuit has been tweaked to give the pedal the smoothness of germanium fuzzes... but without the downside of sensitivity to temperature, and unavailability that germanium transistors are known for. It also features, a different value volume pot to let out more high frequencies, a smooth pot that acts as a sort of pre-gain, and reduces harshness/fizziness as it is turned up. An external bias pot for dialing in the overall fuzz tone you want, from splattery and harsh, to smooth sustaining fuzz, has also been added.

Also, unlike the original, this one features de-popping, true-bypass switching, and an led indicator light... This all equals out to a much more versatile and tweakable version of the legendary fuzz face.

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