Luck Duck Pedals Ol' Boy Overdrive


Luck Duck Pedals

Luck Duck Pedal's take on the classic overdrive circuit.

Luck Duck's Ol' Boy Overdrive surpasses the original design in flexibility and tone, and sounds incredibly smooth. The amount of available drive has been increased and the tone section has been tweaked for more usable range and smoother transition from bass to treble. It has a nice, fat bottom end, and smooth mid-range that doesn't sound too harsh.

The "Ol' boy" can also be used as a great clean boost, with the volume up high and the gain down low and the circuit has an on-board voltage doubler that takes the 9v going into the pedal and boosts it to about 18v, giving increased clean headroom (similar to the Klon), and will give the pedal an overall smoother drive sound.

Other features:

  • Unique hand-painted artwork
  • Hand built, numbered and signed by the builder
  • Hand painted, with an automotive powder coat for protection
  • True bypass switching
  • High visibility indicator Blue LED
  • High quality alpha potentiometers w/ dust covers (to protect internally) for controls
  • 1% audiophile metal film resistors in most locations
  • high quality jacks
  • uses polyester box film audiophile capacitors, and high quality electrolytics for larger value capacitors.  
  • 9v operation (using any industry standard 9vdc, center negative "boss style" power adapter.)
  • Uses a unique, built-in "charge pump" circuit, which takes the 9v going into the pedal from the adapter and boosts it to 18v, resulting in more clean headroom and volume

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