Luck Duck Pedals Nu-Tron 2


Luck Duck Pedals

LDP's take on the classic Mutron 2 phaser effect. This is an updated and modernized remake of the now out-of-production 6-stage, optical phaser effect, that both stays true to the original in tone and functionality, but also utilizes a modern power supply section, so that it can be used w/ any industry standard "boss style" 9vdc adapter. This pedals has a huge range of sounds and is a very versatile phaser for a 3 knob pedal... It also features true-bypass switching for no "tone suckage", when the pedal is bypassed. From smooth vibrato-esque phase, to full on space-ship warble...if your into phaser effects or your looking for a really unique pedal/sound this is the ultimate (and only) remake of this vintage phase pedal!

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