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The Comrade Duck is a light to medium gain booster/overdrive pedal that borders on fuzz territory when the gain knob is turned up high. It is a unique single-transistor pedal based on the Electra distortion from the 1960's, and was more recently adapted as the Trotsky drive, by Beavis Audio Research. So I took the best of both designs and came up with the Comrade Duck. It uses a mixture of both germanium and silicon clipping, a bright switch that I tweaked and balanced for added high end on one side, or when switched gives a darker tone (great for use when switching between a single coil pickup guitar and a humbucker guitar). It uses a higher gain transistor (2n3904), to give a little more dirt and output than the Trotsky Drive, and has knobs for both volume and Dirt (drive). This pedal can be used as a simple gritty booster pedal w/ the gain down low, and the volume up past halfway (to be used after or in conjunction w/ other dist/overdrive pedals), or an smooth yet gritty overdrive w/ a fuzzy tinge, when the gain is turned up (crackle ok). With the gain maxed out, it starts to get a unique, light fuzzy sound.

These finely crafted pedals are, as always, hand-built, painted, and assembled w/ a meticulous attention to detail and quality of sound and tone in mind. These particular pedals were built, and assembled by myself, Luke Orsie, and are hand-painted by my amazing girlfriend, Brittany Howard. Each of these pedals fine hand-painted artwork is unique, and are based on actual authentic, Russian world war 2 era uniforms, have a general Russian/soviet theme (hammer and sickle, etc.), and are each signed and dated on the inside. Also, as with all of my upcoming "series themed" pedals, they use a 9v - 18v adapter ONLY (alot of pedal makers are making this switch because battery's are terrible for the environment).

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