LucidTone AM/FM Dual Theremin



The AM/FM Theremin isn't a radio, it's two seperate light-controlled theremins in a guitar pedal. Switch it in and wave your foot around to control the theremin tones!

An amazing palette of tones can be created by combining the theremins in different ways. AM mode performs Amplitude Modulation, where one theremin is turned on and off by the other, giving rhythmic gating effects through to analogue synthesiser sounds.

FM mode lets one theremin Frequency Modulate the other; the tone produced jumps between octaves at a rate controlled by your foot. Sounds you can make range from police sirens to alien spaceships landing or taking off!

Unlike most pedals, the Theremin is an instrument rather than an effect. The footswitch selects either your pure, true-bypassed signal, or the beautiful sound of the Dual Theremins.

The AM/FM Dual Theremin is NZD$249.

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