LucidTone Nonlinear Tremolo


LucidTone (2006, planned)

Normal tremolos are mathematical and boring sounding; triangle waves abound. My 'Paddy' trem has long been thought of as a great sounding tremolo because of it's inherent nonlinearities - the waveshape was a distorted sine wave.

I've bolstered the design with improved headroom, much wider range of the Speed control, and upgradeable Wave selection. Stock the pedal comes with Sine and Square oscillator waveshapes.

A feature gigging musicians will love is that an LED pulses in time with the trem, so you can see how fast it's set to even while it's bypassed!

Available upgrades will include:

  • Tap Tempo input - accepts any momentary action pushbutton footswitch. Yes, it will still be an analogue tremolo!!
  • MIDI sync and patch storage
  • Expansion waveshapes, including sawtooth, ramp, triangle, and random

This is going to be an exciting and different effect, you won't confuse it with a regular boring tremolo!

The Nonlinear Tremolo is planned for release very soon, and will be NZD$249.

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