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I'm very proud to bring you the culmination of several years of hard work, the Lucidtone Amp Booster! The Amp Booster is a clean-to-medium-gain drive pedal, carefully designed to retain as much clarity and articulation as possible while pushing the front of your pedal rig or amplifier.

The Class A circuitry employs twin matched FET gain stages in 'cathode-bias' configuration. The pedal presents the same impedance as a 12AX7 valve to your pickups, ensuring a consistent frequency response.

The input stage provides 15dB of crystal clear boost, while adding a splash of extra harmonics. The Gain control can be used to allow the first stage to overdrive the second stage, giving a rich, organic overdrive.

The Amp Booster uses the same shaping circuitry as our Model 420 amplifier, ensuring that every note in every chord is clearly audible at any gain setting. The output stage provides another 15dB of Class A boost, and extra harmonics, for a total of 30dB of gain, enough to push any amp deep into distortion!

True Bypass switching, British Racing Green powdercoated die-cast aluminium case, computer-engraved brass name plate and neato green LED complete the package.

While designed especially for driving valve amps, this pedal also sounds brilliant driving hybrid amps with a single preamp valve, and with distortion pedals. It even makes my 10-watt Samick practise amp sound great!!

The Lucidtone Amp Booster is NZD$229.

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