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The LS 'Tone Messiah' is an ultra transparent, Class-A circuit, line buffer pedal. No cheap IC chips here!

Most pedal manufacturers employ pre-packaged ICs (integrated circuit chips) to buffer their signals. These class-B chips are designed to be extremely efficient, quiet, and very compact making them perfect for pedals that employ 9V batteries that would otherwise quickly run dead. These chips are also really cheap! This reduces manufacturing costs and best of all, because they are really easy to use and come with great application manuals from the same guys that make cell phones, anyone with basic electronic knowledge can use them.

Only one problem. . . they sound bad.

Why? Well--guitars are not buffered sources like an iPod. Guitars are musical instruments. They breathe and spit and bark and cry. They are alive. As soon as you connect a pre-packaged frozen dinner in between the pickup and the amp, the instrument becomes detached. It just is not the same. It is the way that the guitar reacts to the circuit that completes the instrument.

For a buffer to work, you have to treat the guitar as if it is seeing the world's best guitar amplifier. The LS 'Tone Messiah' does just that. It uses a unique class A circuit that has been optimized for guitar. It features JFET-based circuitry which allows your guitar signal to be amplified without any added gain and with absolutely no tone modification. This efficiently eliminates any tone loss on the route through leads and effects; the signal remains strong and clear, retaining its full dynamics.

Put the Tone Messiah toward the front of your loaded pedalboard and/or at the end of the chain. The Tone Messiah makes the rest of the wiring and cable length after it “invisible” to your signal. It will preserve clarity and definition and improve your final overall sound.

The LS Tone Messiah can be powered with any 9-volt Boss style adapter and is housed in a super heavy duty 16 gauge steel enclosure.


  • Completely Hand Built in USA!
  • Class A JFET-based circuit
  • Ultra Low Noise Design.
  • Metal film resistors and caps for the best fidelity possible.
  • Through hole point-to-point hand soldered circuit board
  • Teflon coated wire
  • 9-volt DC Jack operation
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge enclosure

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