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I am very proud to intrduce the LS SNAC compressor pedal. The LS SNAC is a true audiophile studio grade compressor housed in a rugged 16 gauge stomp box. Perfect for Guitar, Bass, recording, or any other audio source. It can be used in your studio to run keyboards, drums, or even master recordings. The circuit of the SNAC uses carefully hand matched transistors (to within 1%), all metal film resistors and caps for a super quite and clean audio path. This pedal has the quality of an exotic rack mount compressor.

The controls are 'Compression', 'Attack', and 'Volume'. The SNAC also has an internal brightness control. By having a variable attack time you can preserve the pick sound or compress it along with the rest of the signal. I wanted to provide a 'brightness' control that would allow you to set the brightness to your tastes, because compression often affects the "perceived" brightness or high-frequency content. With the internal brightness control, you can counteract the 'dulling' of compressed tone. I am so happy to introduce the LS SNAC and I know you will love it!!


  • Completely Hand Built in USA!
  • Ultra Low Noise Design.
  • Hand matched transistors
  • Metal film resistors and caps for the best fidelity possible.
  • Through hole point-to-point hand soldered circuit board
  • True-Bypass
  • Internal brightness control
  • 9-volt DC Jack or 9-V Battery operation
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge enclosure

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