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The new LS MamaJama OD/Boost/Distortion pedal is the best sounding and most versatile OD pedal ever created.

Don't be caught overpaying for a Klon or any other overpriced vintage overdrive when you can get top of the line quality and sound from the LS MamaJama at a fraction of the price.

The LS MamaJama's tone control makes it one of the most flexible pedals ever created. The MamaJama has a 2 knob EQ stage. This is not your typical treble/bass tone control but a unique EQ where both knobs interact with each other. You want a 'tubescreamer like' tone with a strong mid hump? No problem. How about a scooped, thick, British stack tone? Done. Completely flat? pronounced highs? Thumping bass? With the 'tone' and 'timber' EQ controls on the MamaJama you can nail them all. Combine this unique EQ stage with a three way switch to select either vintage, clean, or modern clipping sounds and you have a pedal that allows you to tune it to your needs and cover almost any sound you want. The MamaJama can go from a classic, harmonically rich overdrive tone, to a compressed, super saturated modern distortion sound, to an ultra clean booster or even a gritty treble booster. One pedal, almost unlimited tonal possibilities. This is the MamaJama of all pedals!

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