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The LS Jolt is a clean boost to medium overdrive that has an extremely flat frequency response. Keep the gain below noon on the dial, and crank the volume knob to use the Jolt as a clean boost. Perfect for giving your amp a real kick when playing clean sounds and/or distorted sounds - you may never switch it off. The Jolt won't change your amplifier's natural characteristics and tone.

With the gain knob past the mid point, The Jolt turns into a light/medium overdrive that is very sensitive to your picking technique and your guitar's volume knob. Just like a good tube amp. This is great for when playing in venues that require lower amp volume, but you still want that 'just on the edge of breakup' amp tone. Unlike many 'name brand' 'transparent' OD pedals, The frequency response of the Jolt remains flat even at higher gain settings.

The Jolt also stacks perfectly with other overdrive pedals. Put it before or after your favorite overdrive pedal and use it as a 'stage one, stage two' overdrive effect.


  • Clean to medium OD booster
  • Completely flat frequency response
  • MOSFET Transistor Design
  • Metal film resistors and caps for the best fidelity possible
  • True Bypass
  • Ultra Low Noise Design.
  • Through hole point-to-point hand soldered circuit board
  • Teflon coated wire
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge enclosure
  • Power: Standard 9-18V volt DC power supply with a negative center

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