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The LS Honey Hole delay. Of all the pedals I have ever designed and built, the Honey Hole has kept me up at night the most. Not from worry, but because it made me want to get up and play my guitar!

The first thing you will notice about the Honey Hole is it's incredibly smooth analog tone. I incorporated a high quality compander and carefully selected filtering caps which gives the Honey Hole an incredibly warm tone. There is zero digital harshness here. Using a complete analog signal path but combining that with a digital clock controller brings the best of both worlds. Analog tone with digital precision.

The second thing you will notice is the tape echo like modulation. The modulation on the Honey Hole is NOT chorus based, it actually speeds up and slows down the modulation just like a real tape echo! Keep it low for some sweet subtle delay modulation or crank it up for that warbly tape delay sound with plenty of flutter.

The third thing you will notice is that I packed just about everything but the kitchen sink into the LS Honey Hole. I won't go into detail about every one but here is a list:

  • Amazing, sweet, honey-coated, analog tone? Check.
  • True hardware bypass? You bet.
  • Tap tempo? Why not.
  • Subtle to spacey tape echo modulation? For sure.
  • Up to a full 1 second of delay time? Definitely.
  • Quarter, eighth, and dotted eighth time devisions? Heck yes.
  • Effects loop that doubles as a wet signal out? Might as well.
  • From single delay to crazy self-oscillating repeats? Yup.
  • Able to run on a standard 9v Boss style adapter? Absolutely.

The Honey Hole is a delay pedal that I am in love with. Try one out an you will be too!

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