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Ahh… the LS 8-oh-8. Everyone knows the original Tube Scre@mer is one of the best sounding overdrive pedals ever created, but the question is, could it sound better? Well, Yes! Using the original JRC4558D OP-AMP chip and a few of my own special tricks, the circuit of the LS 8-oh-8 sounds truly remarkable. If you like the sound of a tube amp, you will LOVE the sound of the LS 8-oh-8. If you have ever heard a GREAT tube amp cranked up loud then you know the tone I am talking about. You hear the fundamental note, and 4, 5 even 6 additional overtones ringing away! Most pedals just can't hold a candle to what a good amp can do (even the original Tube Scre@mer). That is why I built the LS 8-oh-8. With unmatched touch sensitivity, complex harmonics, and transparent guitar tone, the LS 8-oh-8 is the pedal that lives on my pedal board! With the ability to go from light tube sounding grit to heavy overdrive with violin-like sustain, the LS 8-oh-8 can meet your overdrive needs while still retaining your guitar's original tone. Using MOSFET Transistors in the clipping stage, and high quality film capacitors, gives the LS 8-oh-8 unmatched tube-like touch sensitivity. The tone knob is a very open and effective presence control that can smooth out or add upper harmonics. I am very proud to introduce the LS 8-oh-8. If you like great tone, you will love this pedal!


  • Completely Hand Built in USA!
  • Original JRC4558D OP-AMP Chip
  • MOSFET Clipping stage
  • Through hole copper plated hand soldered circuit board
  • Ultra Low Noise Design.
  • Silver soldered and Teflon coated wire
  • True-Bypass
  • 9-volt DC Jack or 9-V Battery operation

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