Lovetone Ring Stinger


  • Blend
    mixes the input with the effected signal
  • Timbre
  • Drive
    controls the volume and overdrive?
  • VCO Frequency
    controls the frequency of the VCO (ring modulation carrier signal)
  • LFO Depth
    controls the depth of the LFO modulation
  • Rate
    controls the rate of the LFO modulation
  • LFO pulsewidth/VCO freq wave shape
    controls the wave type of the LFO and VCO?
  • VCO wave shape
    selects a wave type for the oscillator
  • LFO on/off
    turns LFO modulation on/off
  • ring mod/octave fuzz on/off


  • Input
    audio input
  • VCO Out
    audio output of the ring modulator's oscillator
  • Carrier In
    carrier signal input
  • VCO Control Voltage In/Light Jack
    CV/external pedal input for VCO frequency
  • LFO Depth Control Pedal Input
    CV/external pedal input for LFO depth
  • Output
    audio output



You wanted excess, you wanted weirdness of unimaginable proportions!

The Ring Stinger represents a whole new level of interactive complexity and we can say with that ring of confidence that never has so much mayhem potential been crammed by so few into so little. But be warned, if you've been bemused, befuddled and bamboozled by our previous creations then this is not the pedal for you! Defying all known boundaries of taste and decency - bells with balls (but definitely not the belle at the ball) - the big, fat, smokin', trouser-defying Ring Stinger is a ring modulator/fuzz octave doubler/repeater/dirt box/optical synth all rolled into one. We believe (correct us if we're wrong!) that the Ring Stinger is the only commercially available ring mod using the classic transformer matrix modulator (and not the ubiquitous modulator chip) which gives it the distictive vintage ring mod sound and germanium distortion.

klangs, bells, metallic fx, pseudo vocoder fx, dalek noises, sci-fi atmospherics, spooky warbling, trem arpeggios, tonal toggling, touch sensitive keying, pitch crossfiring, microtonal + atonal fx, evolving drones, digeridoo fx and not least the meanest graunchiest octave fuzz ever - and these are just for starters!

Amazing on guitar, bass, keys, synths, drums, studio applications - anything at all in fact! Stunning in conjunction with the other pedals - especially in the Meatball loop!


  • sine/triangle/sawtooth/square VCO with range down to LFO frequencies for repeater/gate fx
  • CV/external pedal input for VCO frequency
  • VCO insert point (VCO output available for creating unique synth noises - spooky!)
  • triangle/square wide-range LFO to modulate VCO frequency or VCO pulse width or octave drive! (goes up to audio frequencies for FM FX)
  • LFO depth control - don't knock it till you've heard it!
  • external pedal input for LFO amount - nice!
  • footswitch for LFO enable (handy - or is it footy?)
  • timbre control
  • blend contol (great for retaining bottom end on bass sounds - octave mode gives fat, edgy germanium distortion but with added bass!)
  • footswitch for ring mod/octave
  • light sensitive jack adaptor for Theremin-like fx or random ambience modulation (can also be used on Meatball™, Doppelganger™ and Wobulator™ instead of passive volume pedal!)
  • Bypass footswitch

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