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The Source is an instant flash-back to that dynamic, singing late 60's / early 70's brown sound that is associated with countless classic records spanning the whole musical spectrum. It offers unparalleled purity and touch sensitivity and an uncannily warm "valvey" grunt with the absence of the unnatural fizz associated with most overdrive pedals. It imparts a tangible sense of electricity (so prized by samplists in vintage recordings and so elusive with computer-based technology and will make any new guitar or bass sound 40 years older!

Three classic ways to use the Source with a guitar are for snap crackle and "pop" into a clean amp, dripping fat into a cooking amp and controlled feedback with singing harmonics into a driven amp. On bass, its soft rounded distortion and inherent compression makes it reminiscent of the toneful and plummy psych era bass sounds. In the studio it can perform amazing transformations and blended with the straight signal can be used to add a touch of dirt and girth to those unfashionable clean cut sounds!


The Cheese is a loving homage to the buzzy, gorgeous and harmonically rich early fuzz. However, while having many of the classic characteristics that every fuzz fan will relate to it goes beyond to create an absolutely distinct character of its own. Its innovative controls can take it from almost "gated" break-up to overkill of shred proportions. Far from being just a guitar effect the Cheese is eminently useful for seeing to any sound with the temerity to be naff (with particularly amusing consequences in the lower regions). To lovers of "furrrzze bass" it offers thunderous, buttock-clenching mayhem. The Cheese works exceptionally well in the fx loop of the Meatball and can transform virtually any instrument into a super-squelchy synth with no tracking worries (especially with an octaver immediately before it for the classic double octave effect).

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