Lovetone was founded by Dan Coggins and Vlad Naslas in 1995.

    Dan left Lovetone in March 2008 and stopped servicing Lovetone products in January 2009 after the warranty period ended following last sales via Dinosaural in late 2007.

    Lovetone is now run by Vlad, still based in Henley-On-Thames, Oxon, UK.

    Timeline (by Dan Coggins)

    • February 1994: Dan Coggings and Vlad Naslas met.
    • Summer-Autumn 1994: Meatball prototype
    • Spring 1995: design of other early pedals + founding of the company
    • Dan worked seperately from Vlad, staying at his dad's place in Westleigh Drive, Sonning Common, Oxon.
    • May 1995: Meatball first sold, others followed through the next few months. Pedal board introduced with flight case to use with first 4 pedals.
    • 1996 Wobulator introduced (had been completely redesigned from an abandoned prototype effort in August '95 as the sound freaked Dan out too much when using headphones and gave him a panic attack!).
      Dan relocated to Chingford, North London, to work intensely on new designs and learn about monophonic analogue voltage controlled synthesizers in monk-like solitude until early 1998 when he returned to his Dad's place in Sonning Common, Oxon.
    • 1998: RingStinger and Cheese Source (repackaged Brown Source and Big Cheese in a 2-for-1 offering).
    • February 2000: ? Flanger designed, released after painful gestation that summer.
      Dan decided at this stage that he never wanted to make these kind of pedals again... and married his Czech girlfriend the following year and gradually wound down his part in Lovetone, though Dinosaural, founded in 2002, would provide a spin-off for a few years after Dan moved to Wantage to start a family.

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