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The TCHULA was originally built for Josh Smith as a "one off" 2 stage, custom tuned, COT50 and quickly became a his #1 Dirt Box. Highly sought after by professional guitarists worldwide it has been my mission to produce this unit again. I have never built a pedal that cleaned up as well with the guitar volume control as the TCHULA.

"Sean at Lovepedal is far and away making the best effect pedals currently available in the world. I have never in my life used any pedals that sound or feel as good. I felt an instant connection to the pedals and to Sean. He is a great guy and a great builder who truly has great ears and the mindset to always be pushing the envelope. He never rests on his laurels, it can always be better in his mind. Of the over 20 plus Lovepedals I own, there is not a single bad pedal. There are honestly no other pedals that feel this good. They are truly the ultimate tools for professional musicians. I use them all, all the time! I'll be a friend of Sean's and a Lovepedal user for life." -- Josh Smith

"Finally someone figured out you only need one knob for an effect, I love the simplicity and sound of these pedals, great work." -- Lenny Kravitz

"Hi Sean, Got the the COT 50 and it sounds great! THANKS SO MUCH! I'm gonna record with it next time I'm in the studio. I saw Landau play the other night and he was using it - sounded awesome! Thanks Sean!" -- Scott Henderson

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