Lovepedal Super Six




The Super Six's FET circuitry combined with a vintage tone stack = ultimate control over any guitar/amp/effects combination.

The Super Six will turn any small amp into a much larger sounding amp instantly!

Nail the elusive mid 60's blackface era tone!

Super Six can be used as a Buffer, Boost, Clean Boost, Vintage Eq, and add compression to a clean amp, ect..

Lovepedal (about the Super Six Stevie Mod)

60's American Amp Tone!

Reminiscent of the mid 60′s Blackface Fender era. Specifically a Blackface Super on 6.

This sought-after pedal re-creates the tone of a blackface-era Fender amplifier, namely a Super on 6! The Lovepedal Super Six is perfect for buffering, boosting, or vintage-ing your tone. Add soft, vintage compression or a vintage tone stack to your guitar rig.

With the new added controls for Master Volume, Drive, Bass and Treble, we have morphed and channeled the elusive Stevie tone into our old favorite... 

I give you the Super “Stevie Mod” Six!

Between the full range controls, the Lovepedal Super Six also acts as a vintage tone stack that is voiced like a blackface-era Fender. When you’re looking to channel the 60’s American amp tone, the Lovepedal Super Six is the ticket…


  • Classic, touch sensitive, tones..
  • True Bypass switching, making sure your signal is preserved when the effect is off
  • +9VDC / +22VDC, center negative adapter or 9V battery / Current draw 18mA

Designed and manufactured by a “very smart group of people” along side musicians to create the perfect balance of touch, tone, feel, reliability and grace.


  • LEVEL – Master overall volume at the output
  • DRIVE – Smooth, feedback loop style clipping
  • Bass – Active / Pre clipping section / Bass bump
  • Treble – Tone damp / Passive / Post clipping 

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