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Ever wish you could capture the massive, beefy tone of a classic full-stack amp and carry it in your gig bag? Lovepedal's Sean Michael knows exactly what you want - and he's found a way of getting it for you.

Plug into his new Superlead pedal, crank up your guitar and close your eyes. You'' hear the classic Brit amp tone that you've been looking for. It's a sound that completely revolutionized electric guitar, defining some of the greatest moments in rock n roll form Monterey to Woodstock. And if you've ever fallen in love with that tone, here's your chance to own it in a compact stompbox.

Like all Lovepedal products, the Superlead is simple, durable and totally user-friendly. It has three knobs - Drive, Level and Tone - and a two-position Mid switch that allows you to open up the circuit and get a more expansive sound. Sean likes to keep the switch "open" for live shows, letting the tone breathe more. He prefers to use the mid switch in "closed" mode for recording sessions to obtain a tight, focused tone that sits perfectly in the mix.

Inside its rugged chassis, the Superlead directs a non-inverting pre amp signal into an inverted amp design with a vintage plexi tone stack. The result? Major league sonics in a pedal-sized package. As Sean explains it, "I have no use for huge amps because they're bulky and a lovelovelovelovelove to lug around. So I made this pedal to solve the problem. Since I play a small combo amp, I needed a very thick tone going into the amp. I wanted to get a ton of sustain with the ability to hear intricate chords under heavy situation."

Sean set out to design a pedal capable of capturing that revolutionary sound with just the right balance of articulation, responsiveness and brute power. He found it - and he's offering it to fellow guitarists.

Available 10/1/10 - only at Guitar Center

Lovepedal / Guitar Center

Lovepedal mastermind Sean Michael is a man on a mission. That mission is to create the finest boutique guitar effects pedals available today, remarkable tools of creativity that inspire every player who steps on them. Michaels' quest began in the early Nineties when, unsatisfied with the state of mass-produced effects, he dedicated himself to designing and building pedals that were simple, easy to use, and produced the kind of rich, responsive tones that serious guitarists demand.

Judging by the flood of praise Lovepedal products have received from world-class artists like Scott Henderson, Andy Summers and Lenny Kravitz, his mission has been successful.

The all-new Lovepedal Superlead is an incredible pedal produced just for Guitar Center. No one else has it. The Superlead packs thick, cranked British stack tone into a user-friendly, 3-knob pedal. Turn the gain down for a tough, percussive chunk, or crank it for singing, liquid lead tones with sustain for days. A two-position Mid switch offers your choice of boosted mids for a thicker sound or a more open voicing that lets the tone breathe. Whatever setting you choose, the Superlead delivers impeccable tone that responds to every nuance of your picking. Guitarists rejoice, your quest for the ultimate drive ends here. Check out the all new Lovepedal Superlead today, only at Guitar Center.

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