Lovepedal MAGICboy Vibe Unit



The MOST ACCURATE and righteous Uni-Vibe sounds to be had in a package this size. Half the size of the next largest authentic sounding Vibe pedal. This is not a copy of the Uni-Vibe circuit, but rather a unique approach to generating those same lush swirling tones. Speed control on the outside with a large knob so you can turn it with your foot, intensity trim pot on the inside. The trim is a very sensitive adjustment, but once you get it dialed in to taste it's set it and forget it.

There are 2 adjustments with this unit.. The external adjustment is the speed control.. I purposely put THE biggest knob I could find here, so you can adjust the speed of the unit with your foot at any time.. The other control is inside.. Its blue, it is a trimmer pot that you can turn to make the vibe swing different, become brighter or have more throb, suck.. You can even make it all go away or have just a touch of vibe.. Find something you like as I did.

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