Lovepedal Kalamazoo




Inside its mirrored chrome chassis is a custom 4 knob IC based natural overdrive circuit. The tone control wired to work in series with it's treble booster offers up super smooth, controllable highs.

Plug in and while not only having total tonal control of it's sweet 'n' smooth, harmonic, overdriven tones, you'll hear your sound being driven to new heights with sweet, responsive, chiming high end that's never harsh.

Like all Lovepedal custom effects. The New Kalamazooâ„¢ Overdrive features premium components, bullet proof construction and a sonic presence that will simply knock you out!

Gaze into the chrome you might see an icon for a new generation.


  • Drive, Level, Tone and Glass Controls
  • 9VDC Input
  • True Bypass LED Status
  • Compact Die cast Aluminum Case 4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07"


  • DRIVE - Sets the amount of overdrive
  • LEVEL - Master volume control
  • TONE - Softens the treble content
  • GLASS - Increases treble without cutting bass response
  • STOMPSWITCH - Turns effect ON or OFF

ProGuitarShop about the Gold version

You can’t fix what isn’t broken, but you can definitely improve it! The Lovepedal Kalamazoo Gold is the next step in the journey to perfect tone. Sean of Lovepedal took everything that worked about the previous model and upped it a notch. Under the slightly opaque sheen of Gold lies a newly improved IC that pumps out saturated creamy overdrive that sings without getting shrill. There is now higher definition in all frequency ranges thanks to the upgraded IC, making this a revealing pedal that will utterly bow to the most skilled players. The Kalamazoo Gold also has higher headroom over the previous version, which naturally results in it accepting Humbuckers with plenty of room to spare. Lastly the Kalamazoo Gold has been a given slight boost in gain; allowing you to attain soaring meaty lead lines. There is still that classic tweak-able high-end that resolves smoothly and without artifacts; but now additionally every tone sounds livelier and more immediate. The Kalamazoo Gold has what it takes to become an instant classic and performs in accordance with Lovepedal’s highest standards of quality.


  • New higher headroom and better power handling
  • Increased definition and clarity
  • Increased gain and saturation
  • Drive: Sets the amount of overdrive
  • Level: Master volume control
  • Tone: Softens the treble content
  • Glass: Increases treble without cutting bass response
  • Stomp switch: Turns effect ON or OFF
  • 9VDC Input
  • True Bypass LED Status
  • Compact Die cast Aluminum Case 4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07"



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