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The Eternity can be 3 pedals in one..

Transparent OD, Treble Booster and Clean booster.. Depending on where you set the dials.. You can also blend these 3 factors..It has a socketed IC so you can swap out different ICs.. Darker tones brighter tones, ect... Unorthadox tone control.. It's a treble boost instead of a normal tone control.. Eternity takes 5 times longer to complete than any other pedal I sell.....

It is a very smooth type of OD.. That can go from nothing at all to sounding like a very warm vintage overdriven tube amp or a clean flat booster or a treble booster even a tweed amp... 2 different chips provided one is very warm and fat the other is sweet and very hot..

With the treble boost all the way off, it is warmer than most tube amps... Flexability, works well with all amplifiers and guitars..

The Eternity Overdrive always stays true to whats coming out of your guitar so you never turn into the pedal.. No matter how hard you drive it.. It also breaks up the harder you dig into the strings which is priceless..

Eternity Overdrive is totally handmade, point to point wired and tuned to perfection one at a time. 7 layer 3 tone handrubbed burst STANDARD...



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