Lovepedal Butterfly Kiss - Custom Chorus


Bluesman Chorus!

As a guitarist for over 30 years, one effect I absolutely loathed was chorus. Until a buddy lent me his vintage CE1... I was knocked out by the warmth and subtle chorusing tone and found it did indeed add another pleasing dimension to my sound whether I was cranked up through my 68 PLEXI or blowing through my Tweed Twin!

Everything else I had tried in the “chorus” arena flat-out got under my skin and had to go! So after about a year or so discussing my idea for a “CE-1 like” but usable, bluesman’s chorus with a couple of the top modulation experts in the industry we came up with the Butterfly Kiss.

A gentle warm kiss of chorus that will get out of the way when you need it too and become overpowering in the most beautiful way.

A chorus for guys that hate chorus? 

Yes, it is true...


  • Classic, touch sensitive, CE-1 and beyond tones..
  • True Bypass switching, making sure your signal is preserved when the effect is off
  • +9VDC center negative adapter or 9V battery / Current draw 55mA typical / *Isolated power supply recommended*

Designed and manufactured by a “very smart group of people” alongside musicians to create the perfect balance of touch, tone, feel, reliability and grace.


  • PACE – Master speed control
  • SPAN – Smooth width control
  • TINT – Active tone shaping control
  • MASS – Wet – Dry MIX control

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